Update to On The Corner includes user-requested features

Y’all provided some great feedback since we’ve launched, we listened and have a HUGE UPDATE for you guys. Like the most huge ever:

  • No more having to get out your measuring tape to see how far 5,276 feet is. We now display the notification distance as a circle on the map around you (when location is enabled). If one of your favorites is within that circle, you’ll get a notification when they check in.
  • Details screens for the trucks! See information about trucks, including; typical hours of operation, must-get item, and photos of food, by clicking the truck’s name in the list. If a twitter name appears in the details screen, tap the name to see that truck’s twitter feed.
  • We increased the max notify distance from 2 to 5 miles. Increased default notify period from 2 to 4 hours.
  • Multiple interface updates (nerdy developer speak for “It’s going to look different”): On-boarding screens, changing the subscribe icon to a heart per user feedback, adding the truck’s logo to the pop-up screen when you tap a pin on the map, adding pop-up screens to let you know when you subscribe/unsubscribe to a truck, new check in/out button for truck owners (that stays hidden from regular users), updated the login button to read “truck login” to avoid confusion for regular users.
  • Updated location logic for better accuracy.
  • Added support for trucks to be able to have multiple users/accounts on the same device while still enabling auto check-out.
  • Had to kill some bugs. RIP bugs.
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