On The Corner launches new Top Spots feature

We launched a new update today that adds some insanely cool features for food trucks, and also makes it more use-able for our awesome users. This update was primarily focused on improving the experience for food truck owners, and we added some truly revolutionary features, chiefly among them is Top Spots.

Top Spots enables food trucks to automatically check in their truck when they come to their favorite locations. Truck owners already don’t have to log in to their account each time they use the app, but now they don’t even need to open the app. Show up to that favorite location and the app will automatically check the truck in. This feature is something that no other food truck app on the market is doing.

We feel it will help more trucks get logged in each day so that our thousands of users have an even better experience.

But that wasn’t all (after all, there are so many hours in two weeks), we then went and added the ability for truck owners to drag their check-in pin so they can have the most accurate location.

For users we added enhanced functionality for food truck rallies so the trucks can be more easily found during events. We also made users able to swipe between trucks detail screens.

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